Learning Moderation Began Here

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As recommended by the book and "The Lord's Table" online course, this is the eating plan I followed during the course of the 8-week study. It was VERY effective!  I even won the Sisterhood's Biggest Shrinker in May 2009 because of it!!

Monday ~ Liquids Day
Tuesday ~ Half Day
Wednesday ~ Liquids Day
Thursday ~ Normal Day
Friday ~ Fast Day
Saturday ~ Normal Day
Sunday ~ Half Day

"Half" days are where you eat half of what you'd normally eat for each meal.  "Liquid/fast" days I treat the same ~ one normal meal (for me, that's supper) and just liquids for the rest of the day.  I drink water, tea with honey, milk (1 cup at breakfast only), but mostly juices like V8 and V-Fusion.  I can't STAND tomato juice, but my friend suggested heating it up and eating it like soup and now it's not a problem anymore!

"Normal" days are where you eat your normal meals.  Within reason, of course ~ keep in mind we're tryin' to lose weight here!!   It's tough to know what "normal" is when you're trying to eat less than what you used to, but one trick I use is to imagine I am skinny and being interviewed about the secrets of my success.  I try to base my portion sizes on the responses I give the imaginary interviewer.  (Hey, don't laugh ~ it works!  Skinny Me's appetite is much smaller than Current Me's!!)

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